Decode URL - Free Online URL Decoder

How to use URL Decoder tool?

Three simple steps:

  1. Type or paste your encoded URL to the first input.

  2. Click on "Decode URL" button.

  3. Decoded URL will appear in the second input.

What is URL Decoder and why is it needed?

URL decoding is the process of transforming a URL that contains special characters into one that doesn't. For example, we have a URL that contains encoded tada emoji: %F0%9F%8E%89. If we decode it, we'll see the actual emoji: 🎉. Nice! So this is done in order to make a link address more readable when you with to send a link to somebody. With our URL Decoder tool, you can quickly convert URL containing encoded characters or symbols into a standard link to share it. You'll get rid of those pesky unreadable percent symbols!

How to decode URL with JavaScript?

This can be done by using the "decodeURIComponent()" function. The function accepts a single argument (URL string to decode) and returns a string. Simple!

Ok, I decoded my URL. How to encode it back?

If you need to do the reverse operation i.e. encode decoded URL, please use URL encoder tool.